We are Proudly Partnered with Manufacturers that will supply Instruments that are Guaranteed to Work. 

Industrial Scientific Corporation

Since 1985, we have dedicated our careers to eliminating death on the job, first with cutting-edge gas detection technologies and now with asset management, remote monitoring, productivity tracking, and other software applications.

Markland Speciality Engineering

Since 1967, Markland Specialty Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process monitoring and control instrumentation that is valued by operators, managers and consultants, in diverse sectors, around the globe including municipal wastewater and industrial processing.

Fluid Dynamics

Since 1973, Fluid Dynamics has been solving problems with science. We’ve pioneered “green” catalytic water treatment, and the journey is just beginning. Distributed globally for near 50 years our products have benefited over 250,000 customers. 


Since 1982, Opgal has been developing a broad portfolio of innovative thermal camera solutions. Opgal enables customers to detect, recognize, and identify security and hazardous  threats 24/7 even in complete darkness and difficult visibility conditions.

Babbitt International

Since 1986 Babbitt International has developed a reliable product, delivered it faster than the competition and backed it with exceptional service and support. Now 30 years later, reliable products, fast delivery and superior customer service continue to be our winning formula

Rhomberg Logo

Rhomberg Instruments

Rhomberg Instruments is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial instrumentation products and offers the ANSI standard ranges of pressure and temperature instruments.