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Industrial Scientific MX6 Multi Gas Monitor
Get ready to see hazardous levels of oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds
(VOCs) like never before. The MX6 iBrid™ is more than an intelligent hybrid of Industrial Scientific’s best
monitoring technologies. It’s the first gas monitor to feature a full-color LCD display screen.

The display improves safety with clear readings in low light, bright light or anywhere in between. Whether
the work is outside, inside or underground, it’s easy to see what gas hazards lurk in the immediate work
environment. And a color display is more than eye-catching. It allows the user to step through instrument
settings and functions with an intuitive menu and the instrument’s five-way navigation button. It even
supports the option of on-board graphing for easily interpreted direct readings and recorded data.

Plus, the MX6 iBrid is our most rugged instrument ever. It carries a lifetime warranty and is fully compatible
with our DS2 Docking Station™, iNet DS and iNet™ Instrument Network. Read more »
The Accenture Life Safety Solution (ALSS)

The Accenture Life Safety Solution (ALSS) is a wireless, real-time solution which continuously monitors a worker's exposure to gas and their location while in a plant environment using the Ventis LS multi-gas detector. Exclusive to the ALSS, the Ventis LS:

Detects one to four gases including H2S, O2, LEL, CO, SO2 and NO2
Transmits gas level and alarm information over a Wi-Fi network
Sends an alert to the control room if the worker activates the instrument's panic button or if lack of motion is detected Enables a worker's location to be pinpointed in real time at a central console
Operates on iNet - Industrial Scientific's unique Gas Detection as a Service solution
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Industrial Scientific Named Advanced Manufacturer of the Year

The global leader in gas detection was honored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council with a Tech 50 award.

Industrial Scientific’s president and CEO, Justin McElhattan, graciously accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“This award is recognition of the great work the people at Industrial Scientific are doing to help people go home alive at the end of the workday,” said McElhattan. “At Industrial Scientific, we’re dedicating our careers to ending death on the job in this century. We’re applying advanced predictive analytics and gas detection technology to help our customers make their workplaces safer.” 
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