Markland Specialty Engeneering
Suppliers of:
2017 Gemini Instruments

Reduce Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

Reduce energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary pumping.
Simplify treatment processes with automatic desludging.
Optimize chemical dosing by knowing slurry concentrations.
Improve environmental compliance by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of plant operation.

Markland sludge depth meters, suspended solids meters and sampling systems are used around the globe for process monitoring and control in sectors as diverse as municipal wastewater treatment, power generation, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, as well as food, mineral and chemical processing.

As a Canadian manufacturer, we design and produce instrumentation that is valued by operators, managers and consultants around the globe. Markland Specialty Engineering works to ensure that its products are well-suited for each application, and offers free testing of samples. It has built a reputation for reliable products, factory-direct support and fast delivery.
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