Babbitt Radio Frequency point level switches are a simple and reliable way to measure both liquid and dry
materials. Babbitt RF point level switches are available in a variety of models to meet your application needs.
We also offer multipoint switches also known as dual point switches. These point level sensors and multi/dual
point switches can be used for high or low level alarm, sump control, dry pump or chute protection, oil/water
interface and even auto tank filling. Standard and custom built point level sensors available.

Common applications for our point level switches include:

Oil & Gas-Years ago, it was necessary for a worker to check each knockout pot daily and manually drain as
needed. The automated solution is to use a Babbitt International LS7000. We have hundreds of these
sensors monitoring condensate pots arround the world.

Dry Bulk Solids-Babbitt level switches contain no moving parts. There are no paddles to fall off, bearings to
wear out or motors to burn up. Babbitt level switches have an extremely wide tuning range, allowing them to
operate in a variety of materials.
Suppliers of:
2017 Gemini Instruments

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