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Guaranteed Green Technology for Hard Water Scale Prevention

Fluid Dynamics, with their unmatched pedigree in the field of scale prevention, have been successfully preventing scale (also referred to as limescale) in water systems since 1973. Experience has shown that the Fluid Dynamics catalytic technology is the most effective non chemical scale prevention treatment available.  Most recently validated in a US study carried out by Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the GSA (Government Services Administration), their trial confirmed the effectiveness of the Fluid Dynamics scale prevention technology.

Hard water scale blocks nozzles, coats pipework and significantly decreases the efficiency of boilers and heat exchangers leading to substantially increased energy consumption. Our products Colloid-A-Tron, Scaletron and Housetron offer a proven water softener alternative and can be found all over the world successfully preventing scale in industrial, commercial and residential settings.

Unlike the majority of chemical free water softener alternatives Fluid Dynamics scale prevention units require no power,  no maintenance and no space as they simply replace an existing section of pipe.  There’s no water wasted, no backwash cycle, no salt and products are compliant with NSF 61/372 (see certification here).  Product life is typically 15+ years.
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