Babbitt offers a variety of technologies for sensing, monitoring and controlling dust emissions. 

FS10000 is a dust emissions flow switch especially suited to detect the flow of dust resulting from a ruptured
filter bag in a bag house or dust collector.

FT4100, while used for the same purpose, is much more sensitive and will allow the user to continuously
monitor the level of emissions and record the data.

FT3000 series has the same capabilities as the FT4100, but houses the probe assembly and digital display all
in one unit.

FT3000 series is available in 2 Wire or universal line power.

FT3000 PRO offers HART, USB and internal data logging.

DP20T measures the differential pressure in a bag houses and allows the user to only pulse the filters when
necessary. This saves on compressed air and greatly improves the life of the bag filters. Both of these
translate into huge savings overtime.
Suppliers of:
2017 Gemini Instruments

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